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Ratu by Luire

Jamu moden untuk wanita yang mementingkan kesihatan dalaman.

Glow Made in You

LUIRE anticipate in presenting the best wealth that was pass long ago from a generation to generation by the ancient Asian Woman to protect its youthful beauty from within.

Drive by the interest to appreciate the Asian herbs, spices, and rich sources of antioxidant from the tropical produce fruits has brings LUIRE to provide body most needs nutrition in a form of easy food.


Through an advance modern technology LUIRE team strive to produce product that can benefit the consumer well in balancing and nourished their body, eventually starts everyday with energy!

We also learned “the most beloved of people is the one who bring most benefit to people surround them and making others happy” – we are towards the says!

Bahan Semulajadi

Nutrisi yang dilengkapi dari sumber alam semula jadi. 

Teknologi Terkini

Produk LUIRE dirumus dengan teknologi terkini untuk memastikan pengguna mendapat kebaikan yang seimbang.


Diperakui oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia(KKM).

RATU dirumus dengan 10 bahan semula jadi


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